Wiewiorski Legal provides a full package of services concerning employment matters.

Labour Law

The range of our services includes standard support for the client’s human resources department as well as specialized services relating to projects carried out by the clients in the field of HR.

As a part of the standard support we:

  • Draw up documents required for the establishment, continuation and termination of an employment relationship;
  • Provide advice on the choice of the form of employment for crucial workers;
  • Represent our clients before the labour court;
  • Develop internal regulations connected with employment (work bylaws, remuneration bylaws, bonus policy, other policies, etc.);
  • Provide legal opinions on day-to-day labour law matters;
  • Reply to the National Labour Inspectorate’s improvement notices;
  • Draw up and review contracts of services and contracts for a specific work;
  • Provide advice on legal issues relating to accidents at work and occupational diseases;
  • Take care of day-to-day contacts with trade unions and social labour inspectors;
  • Provide advice on matters relating to employees’ personal rights, workplace bullying and surveillance of employees.

Projects in the field of HR that we are usually engaged in include:

  • Legal optimization of working time systems,
  • The restructuring of employment,
  • Comprehensive regulation of personal data processing, including background check and personal data transfer within a group of companies,
  • Introduction and modification of collective labour agreements,
  • Negotiations with trade unions, also during collective disputes,
  • Outsourcing of employees as well as the implementation of forms of employment not based on contracts of employment,
  • Appointment of European Works Councils and Employee Councils,
  • Tax optimization of remunerations for the jobs relating to the transfer of intellectual property rights,
  • Optimization of Company Social Benefits Fund,
  • Smart working,
  • Adjusting the employer’s internal regulations to the policies applied on the employer’s group level,
  • Change of the employer, transfer of a company to another employer.
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