Wrocław, 1 April 2020

Dear Sirs,

We hope you are in good health and your business is coping in these very difficult times.

We would like to inform you that in order to support our Clients in their efforts to counter the effects of Covid-19, our Law Firm has formed a multidisciplinary team consisting of lawyers specialising in, inter alia, labour law, state aid, commercial contracts, real estate and immigration law.

Since the very beginning of the epidemic, the Team's representatives have been actively monitoring the progress in legislative works related to Covid-19, advising our Clients and working on legal solutions reducing the negative effects of pandemic for the business. Due to the needs of our Clients and members of the business organisations to which Wiewiórski Legal belongs, the scale of our actions in that respect is very big. In the past two weeks, we have delivered, inter alia, training courses for almost 400 participants and held countless discussions with our Clients to find the best solutions regarding the current crisis.

Our lawyers are at your full disposal online, including through video conferencing and remote group work systems.

We are glad to hear that despite significant difficulties many companies continue to carry out projects relating to their day-to-day business, optimisation and further development. It seems particularly important to ensure that enterprises are prepared as best as possible to operate during the prolonging crisis and to resume normal business activities after the pandemic is under control. Therefore, we are at your service with our all areas of expertise and legal services.

We realise, however, that the situation connected with Covid-19 is currently the top issue for the majority of enterprises. For that reason, in the nearest future the representatives of the Covid-19 Team will focus on the interpretation of new Polish legal regulations, including the “Anti-Crisis Shield” which we have been analysing since its first version became known, and will assist in carrying out such projects as workforce optimisation or the consequences of the non-performance of contracts.

We hope it will not be long before we can meet in person and work together on new projects in normalised circumstances.

Best regards,
Marek Maciej Wiewiórski

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