Wiewiórski Legal has a specialised team servicing Employers with respect to the legalisation of the residence and employment of personnel from abroad. Within Wiewiórski Legal, we have created an outsourcing product that we can flexibly adjust to the scale of our clients' needs – we offer a service comprising the management of the legalisation process for all the employed foreigners, a selected group of foreigners, single cases/assignments or even a specific stage of the legalisation procedure.

We ensure support at each stage of the proceedings concerning the legalisation of the employment of a foreigner up until the relevant administrative body issues a decision.

Our service consists of: 

  • The analysis - examination of the legal status of a foreigner, e.g. the country of origin, place and duration of residence, performed profession, history of employment and the applicability of any exceptions provided for by law.
  • The classification – selection of the proper legalisation procedure. 
  • The verification – checking of documents and information necessary for the preparation of a complete application. 
  • The official application – preparation and submission of applications with the required appendices to the authorities. We act on the basis of the granted powers of attorney, to the greatest extent possible relieve the staff of the client's HR department, prepare a complete documentation and submit it on behalf of the employer to the appropriate authorities.
  • The representation – appearing as an attorney before the authorities at all stages of the administrative proceedings. Where necessary, we assist the foreigners during visits at the authorities.
  • Monitoring progress – supervision over the running cases and deadlines until the issue of the permit. We ensure that the communication with the authorities is correct and quick, mitigating the risk of unreasonable prolongation of the processing of cases.
  • Delivery of the permit to the client – understanding the client's need to allow an employee with a regulated status to start work as soon as possible, we make sure the decision is delivered to the client without delay.

We take into consideration the unique nature of each client’s business - we make sure the process is integrated with the client’s internal recruitment and HR procedures, we agree on the data and information exchange standards, and we supply forms and easy-to-follow check-lists making the preparation of the documents easier.

To ensure that our service gives the client the best support possible, we also offer:

  • implementation with the participation of the Project Manager;
  • training courses for the client's HR team;
  • a service comprising the monitoring of the validity of permits for all the foreigners employed by a given client and alerts before the expiry of the permits' validity.
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