Thanks to numerous international contacts of Wiewiorski Legal, in cooperation with our foreign partners we are able to provide legal service to our clients in all the most interesting business places in the world.

Wiewiorski Legal is a founding member of the international alliance of independent law firms “Global Business Lawyers Alliance” (GBL). Marek Maciej Wiewórski, Attorney at Law, is a member of the Alliance’s Management Board.

Established in 2016, GBL is a legal network of a new type, focused completely on the business needs of clients conducting business in different jurisdictions. GBL provides legal services in a truly pragmatic manner, offering flexible legal solutions of the highest quality at competitive rates. GBL’s organizational structure has been created to serve that purpose; it consists of a network of experienced independent law firms, recommended in international rankings, from major countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. On the other hand, the managing structures of GBL have been reduced to the minimum. Covering 33 jurisdictions from the very beginning of its operation, GBL continues to grow rapidly and expands the network by adding more and more law firms from new regions. More details can be found on GBL’s website:

We have also established bilateral relationships with law firms from regions where GBL is not active in order to ensure that our clients have access to the broadest possible range of legal services abroad.

Wiewiorski Legal also expands its international network of contacts as a member of domestic and international chambers of trade and commerce, in particular British Polish Chamber of Commerce (

We closely cooperate with sectoral organizations, such as ABSL, an entity whose supporting member we have been for a number of years.

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