We specialise in the provision of services relating to transactions intended to obtain funds on the banking market. We advise our clients throughout the entire process of securing the financing – from negotiating the terms and conditions of the loan, to drawing up, reviewing and negotiating the loan documentation and fulfilling the corporate requirements, to compiling the conditions precedent.

We supply services with respect to all types of loan agreements including, but not limited to, capex, refinancing and revolving facilities, overdrafts, loans to finance real estate acquisitions, etc. We also provide advice on agreements with many lenders, including the classic Club Deals and individual loan agreements entered into with various banks along with the conclusion of the Common Terms Agreement. The vast majority of our work in that specialty relates to agreements based on the Loan Market Association standards.

As part of our support to clients regarding loan agreements, we offer comprehensive legal services in relation to all types of security such as mortgage, ordinary pledges, financial pledges, registered pledges (e.g. on movable things, receivables, trademarks, stock with varying composition, etc.), assignments of receivables, agreements for the transfer of ownership for security purposes, powers of attorney, subordination agreements, etc. In addition, we supervise and coordinate the efforts of foreign law firms relating to the establishment of security on assets located outside of Poland.

As concerns that specialty, we have provided advice, inter alia, on large projects (with the value of up to PLN 200 million) with a cross-border component to companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and operating, inter alia, in the logistics industry and the HR sector.

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