partner, head of commercial contracts

Maciej Jarecki has been an attorney at law since 2015, when he completed his postgraduate training for an attorney at law and passed the professional exams at the Regional Chamber of Attorneys at Law in Wroclaw.

He completed his master’s degree in Law at the University of Wroclaw with honours. He also earned a master’s degree in international relations. During his studies he was a laureate of the Best Polish Student Competition "Primus Inter Pares" and Polish National Rhetorical Competition for law students.

Maciej Jarecki has been working for Wiewiorski Legal since 2010. He has climbed the career ladder starting as an intern, then working as a junior lawyer, trainee attorney, attorney at law and executive counsel. In 2019 he has been promoted to a position of partner.

Specialty and professional interests

The main fields of Maciej Jarecki's specialty:

Commercial contracts – drafting and negotiating agreements of all kinds including agreements for the provision of services, telecommunication contracts, lease agreements, sale agreements and event management contracts,

Aviation matters – providing legal support for airlines, representing airlines before the Civil Aviation Authority and courts,

Accidents at work and occupational diseases – providing legal support for entrepreneurs, representing employers before public authorities and courts,

Litigations and mediations – representing entrepreneurs before courts and before mediators, mainly in labour-related litigations,

Real estate and building law – comprehensive legal advisory services, in particular real estate due diligence reports for greenfield projects and business insurance relating to the design and construction process (civil liability and Construction All Risk/Erection All Risk policies).

Key projects

At Wiewiorski Legal, Maciej Jarecki has worked, inter alia, on the following projects:

  • providing comprehensive legal advisory services and negotiating telecommunication contracts ensuring the operation of a Call Centre for a global airline,
  • drafting and negotiating framework telecommunication agreements with two national telecommunication operators for a client from the clothing industry,
  • conducting real estate legal due diligence and providing comprehensive advisory services in connection with real estate acquisition for a global leader in the manufacturing of drilling machines for the mining industry,
  • providing an in-depth analysis and comprehensive advisory services regarding business insurance in an R&D centre extension project with an area of the centre of ca. 3,000 square meters,
  • conducting numerous due diligence investigations of industrial properties,
  • providing advisory services in connection with the construction of a new automotive manufacturing plant on land with an area of ca. 40,000 square meters, located in a special economic zone, with the target headcount of ca. 1000 employees,
  • drafting a set of agreements regulating an advertising campaign of a well-known international clothing brand.

Languages and hobbies

Maciej is fluent in English and also provides services to clients in that language. In addition, he has a basic knowledge of Russian and German.

In his spare time, Maciej is strongly involved in the activities of the bar of attorneys at law. Maciej likes to travel and is interested in the art of rhetoric. He has enjoyed skiing since he was three years old. He is learning horse riding.

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