On 19 May 2021, a new draft Act amending the Labour Code Act, the Vocational and Social Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities Act and the Employment Promotion and Labour Market Institutions Act was announced. The main objective of the new draft law is to introduce the provisions on remote work into the Labour Code as a permanent solution. 

The new regulations are intended to replace the existing provisions on teleworking.  The process relating to the new draft law is currently in the consultation phase. The ministry intends for the regulations to come into force three months after the end of the state of the pandemic. 

In our article, we present the key points of the new draft law proposed by the Ministry of Development, Labour and Technology.  The most important question is, naturally, the accurate definition of the notion of remote work.  According to the new draft law, such work is to be performed fully or partly (the so-called hybrid option) at a place indicated by the employee and agreed with the employer.

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