Here you can find information about recent changes in Polish regulations on employment of temporary workers (article in Polish).


Polish law provides for a number of forms of employment. Secondment is a common solution used by international corporations with divisions or plants in Poland.

We encourage you to read Wiewiórski Legal’s article on this subject. 

Here you can find a summary of basic information on Polish labour law and labour costs in Poland.

Here you can find a summary of basic information on the Polish limited liability company and steps that need to be taken to establish such a legal person.

Information for foreigners planning to get employment in Wroclaw agglomeration

Information for employers who plan to employ foreigners in Wroclaw agglomeration

The practice of entering into double net or triple net lease agreements has become fairly common in the modern commercial property market in Poland. This means that a significant majority of the costs of the upkeep of the leased property are shifted to the tenant.

Pursuant to the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Act of 1 March 2018 entities specified in the provisions of the Act, including limited liability companies, will be obliged to submit information on the beneficial owners of such companies to the Central Register of Beneficial Owners.  New provisions come into force on 13th October 2019. Learn more about new corporate obligations.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of the regulations essential to the operation of companies have been amended. Deadlines for filing information on the beneficial owner with the Central Register of Beneficial Owners and deadlines for preparing and approving financial statements have been extended. In addition, solutions enabling companies' governing bodies to operate on a remote basis have been included in the Commercial Companies Code.

The changes came into effect on 31 March 2020.

When providing financing to corporate clients, banks require that the borrower, and frequently also companies from its group, offer security in case the liabilities are not repaid on time. This article presents instruments under Polish law that are most commonly used by Polish and foreign financing entities to secure their claims against corporate borrowers.

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