attorney at law, head of banking & finance

Paulina Jeziorska completed her postgraduate training for an attorney at law at the Regional Chamber of Attorneys at Law in Wroclaw in 2016 and, having passed the professional exam with honours, she was admitted to the practice of law as an attorney at law. In 2006 – 2012, she studied law at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economics at the University of Wroclaw. Moreover, in the academic year 2011/12, she studied law at the University of Salzburg in Austria. She has been working for Wiewiorski Legal since 2012.

Specialty and professional interests

Paulina specialises in banking and financial law, company law and business law; her interests also lie in the trade in financial instruments. In addition, she is also responsible for matters connected with immigration law, managing a team that advises clients on the employment of foreigners and delivering related training courses.

When participating in banking projects she has advised borrowers - companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and operating, inter alia, in the logistics industry and in the HR services sector - on major financing transactions that also involved entities with their registered offices in Cyprus, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Russia, Croatia, Luxembourg and the UK. Specifically, she participated in club deal, acquisition finance transactions and hedging transactions limiting exchange rate risks, managing a team of lawyers, drafting financing documents, reviewing and negotiating loan agreements (including LMA standard agreements), bank guarantee agreements, security agreements and other documents relating to specific transactions. When working on projects she was also responsible for coordinating the efforts of foreign advisors and for corporate matters.

Key projects

The key projects in which Paulina Jeziorska participated at Wiewiorski Legal:

  • securing financing for a construction project and day-to-day operation – loan agreements with 4 banks with a total value of PLN 105 million,
  • financing an acquisition - comprehensive services relating to a club loan for a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (negotiations with banks, establishment of security) – the value of the loan: PLN 185 million,
  • restructuring the financing of a project – loan agreements with a syndicate of 6 banks – with a value of PLN 217 million,
  • implementing a comprehensive system of servicing the legalisation of employment of foreigners at a client's organisation from the automotive industry.

Languages and hobbies

Paulina is fluent in the English language, including legal English. She has a basic knowledge of German.
She loves skiing, climbing and dancing. In her spare time, she travels (preferably to the mountains), reads books or does sports.

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